Sunday, August 23, 2009

In this moment:: One More Weekend

In this moment::

I am:: watching our baby become a little person with a big personality. A personality that involves a lot of silliness

and a bit of sass

and apparently, an obsession with Converse high tops. Yup, she's definitely my girl.

I am:: feeling the coming change in season. The light is slipping away so quickly, the wind is shifting, the clouds have returned. We run outdoors the minute the sun warms the sand

but we're trying to embrace the cooling afternoons (and pajama days)

when the rain pours down so fast Max is sure it is really "falling up."

I am:: filled with satisfaction in a dreary Saturday spent indoors, playing, napping, and eating a divine meal not prepared by me (yahoo, daddy-o!)

I am:: getting geared up for a year of adventurous living and learning with my first born-- because yes, I do a lot of thinking at the beach;)

I am:: realizing that these posts-- after 11 weeks-- are coming to a close, making way for a new series of weekend recaps, and a daily dose of words that will center around a year of redefining time and self and the way we learn. I'm so very excited to start this work-- and am so very grateful you're coming along.


Muslim Hippie said...

I am so very excited about your daily posts coming up so very soon. Yay!

v said...

I agree with Muslim Hippie. I also agree about the change in seasons. While I love autumn, we're also making sure to get outside every day and enjoy the waning sunlight hours.

eringoodman said...

i have enjoyed this series of posts so very much.

eagerly anticipating the next chapter...

Lora said...

yep, that's when my son's obsession with Converse started.

Now just TRY to put anything on his feet other than his "RedChuckTs" (all one word). He has blue and black too, but he thinks that is a punishment worse than no dessert if he has to wear them

Laurie said...

Ohh but those Converse sneakers are so cute, it must be hard to resist buying her a pair in every color.

"We run outdoors the minute the sun warms the sand" That sounds like a lovely way to spend the summer.

Sara said...

I feel it, too. Looking forward to your posts this coming season...

Sus said...

Lovely, Kate. WHY won't Frannie wear her hand-me-down pink Coverses??