Monday, August 10, 2009

The sort-of post-vacation post, and a little bit more.

So I probably shouldn't have said "big announcements" because they aren't so big (as in, no, mom and dad-- I'm NOT pregnant);). They are more like "big to me" things, but still, I'm glad you care...and I'll tell you all about them at the end of this post. How's that for suspense??

I am never very good at post-vacation postings. Remember last year and my promised-but-never-materialized post on our North Channel trip? Well, I'm thinking this year's trip is going to shape up the same way. I have tried all day, sitting in front of the computer-- but aslo while doing the laundry, making dinner and swimming in the lake-- to figure out why I'm brick-wall blocked when it comes to writing about our trips on the water. Maybe it is because there are so many moments that make me sigh deeply and feel so full of the good stuff of life that I just can't reproduce those experiences with words. Even on a trip that included some very big waves and some very non-sleeping children, the memories that shine through look more like this:

and this:

and this:

While I can't show you some of my favorite snapshots, or share the coolness of the uninhabited islands we explored--one complete with an old Native American burial ground, spirit houses still intact-- (sorry, Traverse Magazine has the rights to share those next July),

I can offer up some generalities-- afternoons spent exploring new places, discovering old fish towns,

breathing in the life of the lake,

finding the perfect walking stick,

and discussing the ingenious nature of nature (and in particular, of spit bugs).

And of course, I can share our out-takes-- those family moments that I saved just for here.

Sometimes, even as a writer, I understand that a picture can say more than a bunch of words. I think that's the case here. I'll let the sweet expressions and never-ending blue waters speak for themselves.

Our last night was spent anchored in the middle of a quieting harbor.

Port side facing the thick pines on shore, bow pointed at the horizon created by lake meeting sky, the five of us sat, still, and comfortable, together. The sun was setting in both places, water and air, blue, gray, orange, pink, and yellow bleeding into each other and rippling around us.

Soon, it was just four of us. The baby asleep, the boys and I hunkered below together, sharing a bed and sharing blankets, as I read to them from Grayson, a lovely little book about a girl, a baby whale, and well, so much more. As the boys began nodding off, I tuned in to the sounds of the lake lapping against the boat's hull. There was something about the noise-- about its closeness-- that humbled me. I crept up the small set of stairs alone, where I was able to catch the moon rising.

The moon and its reflection. Really, need I say more?

Okay, all....on to the not-so-big announcements.
1) We are-- after a panic-attack-induced-but-great-year-at-our-public-school-- returning to the rhythm and life of a homeschooling family. And I'm so looking forward to sharing that journey, and our way of learning, in this space.
2) Speaking of this space:: it is going to change come September. I'll be moving to a new blog format, one that I think will feel just right for our growing experiment of choosing joy, living with purpose, and learning together (and I say together, because certain family members will, on occasion, take my place-- adding, a new and appreciated dimension to this little world).
3) Gearing up for that change, I will be around these parts a whole lot more. And once September hits? You'll find me here everyday. Yup, every. single. day (a new post up each morning, by 9 a.m., to be precise). I do so hope you'll follow me on this new adventure.


littlehouse said...

the journey sounds amazing - the one on the water and the one to come :) As I continue to wrestle with the idea of 'school' and treat this first year with a strong dose of the experimental I really look forward to reading about your homeschooling..

boatbaby said...

I am looking forward to your daily posts! Yay! What format are you going to? I am thinking of changing too but I am not tech savvy enough to make it work I fear.
LOVE the images from your get away! And your description of the peace and coziness aboard... that's one of the many things we love about this life. We get that every day and it truly never gets old or routine.
Thanks for sharing your story about the lady you met with me as well - very cool!
oh yeah, and spit bugs ROCK!

Abby said...

Exciting! I can't wait for September.

Lora said...

of course we will be here for you!

gorgeous pictures and it sounds like a lovely vacation.

Sus said...

wow Kate! journeys all around! it's funny how much being right in the middle of a big, beautiful, scary lake seems like a metaphor for homeschooling to me. which is why i'm so glad you're doing it! so I can watch and marvel. your kids are so lucky, in so many ways. and it sounds like this space may be part of their education? that would be such a wonderful use of the medium. can't wait to come along and see.

welcome home.

Sarah said...

Yay! I am so looking forward to catching up with my favorite "extended family" every. single. day! It's all very ambitious of you...homeschooling again, posting every day, etc... but if anyone can do it - you can! Great to see pics of the trip - looks like a lot of fun! Take care and enjoy the summer - love ya.

Brooke G. said...

Great shots of your trip. Thanks for sharing. I too am anxious to read about all the cool teaching and learning that will be going on at your house. Maybe some of it will rub off on me even!

Kat said...

Those pictures really did do a perfect job of describing your vacation. It looks heavenly. :)

Lots of big changes coming your way. And all very exciting! :)

Laurie said...

I am really excited to read all about your homeschooling days. I think that it is a great choice! Your vacation looks and sounds amazing! Every time I read your blog I feel inspired to take pictures of my family.. mind you I take about a hundred a week now.. I should say take *better* photos.. ones that more in the moment so to speak.

patsyrose said...

You are a treasure. I can't wait!

Rebekah said...

I'm thrilled to hear that you'll be here daily, because I find a complete solace in your postings! Thanks for sharing your family with us.

Laanykidsmom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your pictures of the lake. Good to hear you're a "Go Blue" fan too! We're a little anxious for the upcoming football season, but you never know...

Anonymous said...

Interested to see the changes in September...your "panic-attack" induced public schooling cracked me up! But in any case, thanks for admitting your public school year was many homeschoolers I know would die before owning that!

Muslim Hippie said...

You never fail to amaze me, Your sense, and eye of beauty. Your exploring spirit (Yay, for homeschooling). Your amazing captures of hard to capture moments ( that moon photo-- oh my!)

And to top it off we'll be enjoying more of all that for... Every. Single. Day! EEEEEEEEK!

Thank you for sharing your lovely self and adorable family with us. God Bless!

RusticOkie said...

It was a perfectly wonderful post-vacation post. It looks like it was a wonderful time.

Sara said...

So nice! I read Grayson to my daughter, then wrote about it, too. Wonderful book! Looking forward to hearing about your homeschooling adventures, as I sent my first born off to kindergarten today...boohoohoo!