Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm still here, kind of anyway

hello lovelies.

I say that with sincerity and a bit of sheepishness, as I keep getting emails that go something like "um, hello, did you drop off the parenting planet" or "Did you lose your mind because of that poop problem?" Truth is, I'm learning to focus. And to do that, I need to cut out most the extras in my life for the moment...and since I have this wonderful (although a little mushy, at least for now) gig writing for My North, a site dedicated to celebrating Up North living, my words have been temporairly funneled there. When I get into a better groove, I'm coming back here to tell you about Max and his obsession with
Plastic Jesus,
a recent tooth-fairy no more debacle, and Lizzie's first cat fight (black eye and all).

In the meantime, please come visit me here, here, and here. Maybe even send some comment love my way.

By the way, I am a walking, talking zombie thanks to Lizzie giving up sleep
for lent, like, four months early.

I'll treat to you an awful picture of me to prove it:

Notice the bags? I'm just going to start hoping that it becomes fashionable to have sugar snap pea shaped puffiness under your eyes. I do so hope you are enjoying the advent season...Oh, and guess what? Max just pooped. On the potty. Seriously.