Monday, August 17, 2009

In this moment:: Weekend Ten

In this moment::

I am:: soaking up every bit of sunshine. We've had so few warm, blue sky days this summer, that when the sun decided to burst through the clouds last week (and actually stay out for five days and counting), our entire community seemed to step outside and celebrate.

because this is what we wait for, what we know will eventually come.

I am:: cooking up a storm. It hit me this week, that the fresh foods of our local farmers will soon be turning to fall flavors, and I went into stock-mania mode. Marinara sauces and blanched greens are filling my freezer to the brim. If only I hadn't had that dream (the one where I canned tomatoes the wrong way and then ate them and, well, you know...), my shelves would be filled to the brim too. Ah, well.

I am:: buried in the crafty delights of this book. And even if you aren't a sewing-project kind of person, I still say you need to add this to your stash. It's filled with the simple truths of life: choose joy, live with ease, and enjoy the ride. Plus, it is a very good thing to support people like Amanda, who make their own paths and celebrate mamahood with such style.

I am:: brimming with excitement for Noah, who passed into the Mate ranks of sailing school during the last week, just in time to hear promises of junior race team next year. Not only did we watch him fall in love with a sport this summer, we also go to watch him conquer fears and join into a community all of his own. What a gift.

I am:: loving this guy, and not just because we're married.

I am:: organizing and de-cluttering and all of the things I need to do to make space in my brain and heart and head for a homeschool year. There's much to say about this subject, so I'll elaborate this week, and today will just say this: it feels so good to minimize, centralize, and put a little order into our joyful chaos.

I am:: aware that just as this

becomes this,

Our experiences are part of a natural cycle, but also, the result of effort and dedication and commitment. My friend Tom always says "bloom where you are planted." And this week, I honor the beauty of doing just that.
(by the way, as I typed that sentence, I was treated to a nose-to-nose encounter with a hummingbird on my front porch. Bloom indeed).


boatbaby said...

Beautiful! And Noah looks SO little next to those guys! Congrats to him - fair winds and following seas on all of his adventures!

Brooke G. said...

1. YAHOOOOO sunshine!
2. Love Soule Mamma's blog. She is... well, sort of amazing! Don't know how she does it all.
3. Noah and the sailing adventures. How cool is that?!? What fabulous memories he is making.
4. Can you come to my house? The cooking and the organizing... uh, I could use some guidance ;)

Muslim Hippie said...

The hummingbird encounter sounds unbelievably magical. I think we all come upon special encounters similar to this one. There's always a message to be read- bloom indeed Kate:)

Noah, oh my! Impressive:)


v said...

I just finished reading through all of your posts here. I'm so glad that I've been able to read your writing. So much of what you say fits in with how I want to be a parent to my daughter. I look forward to reading more of your writing. Good luck with homeschooling (I look forward to hearing more about that also).

Zip n Tizzy said...

I love the idea of canned tomatoes and always heed my mother's warnings of - well, you know.

In my past life I was a seamstress, and look forward to pulling out the crafts in the few hours a day with just one child that I will be inheriting once T goes off to kindergarten. I'll have to check out the book!

I too am organizing and decluttering. I agree it's so important for mental clarity.

Looks like you guys are having a fabulous summer.

Congrats to Noah who just shines with all his Mates!

dmoms said...

i so agree with what you wrote on apples for poppy anne. i also love what you have been up to

Laurie said...

That all sounds quite lovely. It sounds like you have had the same kind of summer weather we have had in MA. Lots of rain but it makes the apples tastier in the fall.

Congrats to Noah!

mandi said...

i just found you via soulemama's blog and read a few of your most recent posts- what a delight!

i love your mantra of choosing joy, learning and living together. we do that around here too!

gardenmama said...

What a beautiful family you have!
I appreciate your sentiments of choosing joy! Our families mantra is 'be here now' 'in this moment' I like that you talked about lilies, I did a recent post about 'lessons from the lilies' I like your mindset : )

Sus said...

Okay, yet ANOTHER thing for my birthday list: that book looks amazing.

And I canned 30 lbs of tomatoes TODAY for the first time with a girlfriend for moral support. I really, really think we won't kill anyone with botulism. We were very conscientious. (It IS a scary thing to overcome, though!) Also made: cheese and ketchup. It's the time of year to stock up!
Wish you could have joined us for the marathon.

HomeGrown Life said...

I too am enjoying Handmade Home and just got to meet Amanda and attend her book party up in Portland, Maine! I will be posting about that experience soon. Your resourcefulness in the kitchen is inspiring...

Caroline Starr Rose said...

I have a Noah, too.

maria isabel said...

que pagina mas bonita