Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fantastically Free!

I was planning to post about my massive re-organizing mission, and I will, but not today. Because today, I just need to celebrate the goodness of friends. I need to write down-- and fully recognize-- how it feels as if the universe is making sure I know our family is walking down a path that is just right for us.

This summer, while sitting upstairs in our craft nook, looking at a blank space that needed *something,* I decided to go thrifting. I hit every thrift store in our area, with growing determination that what I needed was an old school desk. I found one, in poor condition and just an era too early (it had a bench seat attached the the front and no seat for the actual desk). Every other week, I revisited shops. I sorted through church parking lot sales and garages. And when we made the decision to return to a homeschooled life, I felt even more invested in finding a desk that would be perfect for the space AND the way we learn.

Enter my friend Tammy, who had no clue I was searching for said desk, when she offered to give me (for free!!) a 1950s version she bought years ago.

A brief sanding of the metal, a five dollar can of spray paint and one hour later it was exactly what I'd hoped for all along.

I've been flying high on my good fortune for the last couple days, so excited to welcome this new piece of furniture into our home. The boys have already done "homework" there, and we've spent a good chunk of time talking about the feeling it has-- this sense history, of other children's stories.

That desk was enough to make me feel even more excited about our homeschool year. And then? I got a call from another friend who had just moved to a new house and was prepping for a major garage sale. She offered a sneak peak to snatch up homeschool resources that she was no longer using. I rushed over, and nabbed all of this

and this (new to us Hanna's!)

and this

and when I started to take out my checkbook, that sweet friend shook her head with a smile and refused to let me give her a single penny (I plan, however, to use this tutorial to whip her up some lavender sachets).

Wow. A free desk. Free school supplies. All coming this week, all a surprise. Sometimes, when you make a choice and settle into it, I think the world makes way for everything else to fall into place. A little faith and trust (and pixie dust?) goes a long way. Knowing that feels so, so good.


Lora said...

i used to have a desk just like that in my room!

may it serve you well

gennysent said...

I know just what you mean about the sense of history in the desk...I'm a bit of a history freak though...

I love the coat and its lovely buttons!

Doesn't seem so neat that when you ask for something, it often just shows up in the most unexpected way?!


boatbaby said...

Thanks for passing on the good karma!

eringoodman said...

"Sometimes, when you make a choice and settle into it, I think the world makes way for everything else to fall into place."

i really needed to read these words today. thank you.

and congrats on your lovely treasures!!


Sarah said...

the desk is perfect! i love the color you picked - may lots of good learning happen there... - Sarah F

HomeGrown Life said...

I am sharing your excitment right now... these are big deals in the world of thrifting, homeschooling and crating a rich family life! Ironically, we just inherited a very similar school desk painted the exact shade of blue as the one you own!

Sus said...

love the desk, and the universe too - for being on your side, and telling you so.

RusticOkie said...

How wonderful for you and your family. It is so nice when everything falls into place like that to confirm to you that you are doing the right thing. I am so happy for you all.

*tiffany* said...

Your posts always make me tear up. :) Those are some exciting finds! Good luck with homeschool!