Monday, June 22, 2009

In this moment:: weekend six

In this moment::

I am:: obsessed with baking, which I have never liked in my life, but suddenly adore, particularly when baking with rhubarb.

And chocolate chips,

although I've yet to combine the two.

I am:: loving the vintage finds I keep scoring, like these painted wooden folding chairs, the perfect addition to a long stored antique wooden bistro table.

I am:: sipping sun tea every day. Because there is something about sun tea, and summer, that make me sigh in the best of ways.

I am:: observing summer through the eyes of three ages: the wonderer;

the watcher;

the one who is beginning to understand it all.

I am:: noticing that all of these things take time. The baking, with its ingredient preps and kneading or stirring or waiting, brings moments of meditation. The thrifted treasures were around for many years before making it to our home, and still, they stand strong. Watching a pitcher of water seep into a deep amber as the tea spreads through it somehow feels like slow motion magic. And tastes that way too. And then, there are those three little people. Who have been doing a lot of this

this week, and testing me again and again on patience and parenting presence. But still. One look back at this week's worth of pictures, and somehow, I return to center. I remember this time will not last forever. And yet, I do so wish it would.


A Little Gnocchi said...

Oh isn't that the truth. To all of it.

Joy said...

Elizabeth in that tie-dyed dress...just scrumptious! I do so understand everything you're saying. Now I just need to remember it when I'm frustrated by whiny children. :)

theresa said...

Nice post

Sara said...

I can relate. Thank you for such a nice post.

Sus said...

my kids looked exactly like lizzie today. all day. publicly. i had to yell *just a little*. sigh.

i think if we could just combine rhubarb and chocolate chips maybe we would all feel better, don't you? work on that, will you, kate?

Muslim Hippie said...

Rhubarb, Sun tea, tie die dresses, Boats and beaches. Summer is officially kicking at your quarters. Thank you for your wonderful shared moments. And that last photo...Priceless!

Muslim Hippie said...

Oh I forgot to mention. My girl does almost that same action in the last photo but with a different technique- she hugs both legs so I cannot move. or if I try I usually almost fall on her. Priceless I tell you!