Sunday, June 14, 2009

In this moment:: weekend five

In this moment::
I am:: loving the long-awaited return of date night. Especially because it is summer, and we live where we do, and we found a sitter that can get all our children to sleep. On time.

I am:: amazed at the difference a year makes.

I am:: reaping the good foods of our local farm and even more, reaping the joy that comes with our children spending time there each week.

I am:: celebrating the return of eating every meal outside.

(sunglasses optional)

and of family bike nights.

and dirt. Lots and lots of dirt.

Ah, summer. Welcome back. We've missed you.


Joy said...

I love this series of photos. So...summery! I think our outdoor table is nearly identical to yours, and it's been getting lots of use lately too.

Sus said...

hey! we just took that same picture with the burley trailer the other night - two cars in the background and all. what say we meet around the tip of lake michigan for an ice cream cone?

Zip n Tizzy said...

Beautiful! All of it!
We're hoping we can list our 14 year old neighbor into a few date nights. We're still awaiting our summer. It's been unusually cool so far, but I keep reminding myself that it'll make the hot evenings that much sweeter once they arrive.

Woman in a Window said...

Loads to revel in! We're certainly living the dirt here. Used to bother me more. Now I realize it just equates with fun.