Saturday, May 23, 2009

In this Moment:: weekend two.

In this moment::

I am:: wearing my first hand sewn skirt. And I'm so very happy about it.

I am:: falling in love with the book A Homemade Life, with its rich recipes and sweet prose. And I'm so very happy about that too, especially after just finishing the book Infidel, which disturbed and challenged my thinking in more ways than one.

I am:: still sighing over Max's words this morning, "Mama, you make the best pillow."

I am:: still grinning about Noah's exclamaition last night "Mom, I totally love your laugh."

I am:: feeling in tune with my choice to stay home, raise a family, grow our life; looking forward to planting our garden and later, washing dirt from small fingers; wondering how to be an activist without actively over-committing; thinking it is a luxury to wonder such things; wanting to write a poem after reading these words:
"When I grow weary
of the ceaseless prattle
of my brain-sealed
mind-talk, the inner
play-by-play man/
color commentator who
never lets the action
speak for itself, I

split off, stand away,
become the benign,
vigilant watcher
of the entity named"
which is part of a poem by this writer, one of my favorites, and also, my friend.

I am:: learning to be okay with-- no, that's not quite right-- learning to celebrate the me that I am, inconsistent, full of conviction, always scattered and sometimes just. simple.

Happy weekend.


Muslim Hippie said...

The skirt!(your choice of fabric. drool!)
The full of life pictures.
Your laugh ( your son is right)
The poem.( would love to read some of your own stuff)
This (all) post(s).
This blog.
Your thoughts.
This moment(s) of reading your Blog.
A happy weekend right back at ya!

Woman in a Window said...

You have much to celebrate. Put your head back again like that and laugh!

T said...

Nice blog. Nice to meet you.

Theresa from Hawaii (also a home schooling mom)

Joy said... many sweet things. I love that your 10 year old said that. Gives me hope that mine won't start scowling and holing up in their rooms quite yet. ;) It seems like everyone is talking about that book. It's on my birthday list, so now my birthday needs to get here already! :)

A Little Gnocchi said...

The issue of being an activist without overcommitting is one that I think about a lot. Finding a way to do it with my family rather than around them. Have you checked out what these two mums are doing? Did I mention them already here? If so, apologies. I'm just impressed by them.

Oh, I agree throw your head back and laugh like that again. It makes me smile to see that picture. Thanks.

steadymom said...

Wonderful reflections.


Sus said...

I, in turn, am:

loving the skirt fabric - where'd you find it?

nodding about the luxuries I so often take for granted.

wishing I were more of a poet.

needing to go to the grocery store.


you always inspire, kate.

Lora said...

i want to upholster my entire house in that fabric. where did you get it?

Kate said...

Okay guys-- this is where I totally wish I was on typepad, because I could reply to individual comments... but anyway-- the fabric? Drumroll... JoAnns. Seriously. I have no idea how I found it (actually I do, it was stuck between two really, really bad prints), but I was in there getting stuff to make a camera bag with (we'll see how that turns out) and I feel in love with it. bought like, the whole bolt. We don't have any "real" fabric stores where I live, so finds like that one make me awfully happy. It was in with the quilter's fabric, and I think it was $7 a yard:)

Naturalearthfarm said...

Thank you for sharing bits of your life in this beautiful post.

Mel said...

Kate I just read you comments on SouleMama and thought, "this is a woman whose blog I need to read" only to find out that you are already on my blog roll! This is a lovely, thoughtful post - I could comment on so many aspects but the one thing I WILL comment on is A Homemade Life - how good is it! I finished it a week ago after purposely taking it very slowly. I was so sad when I was finished! Also, living in Sydney as I do I had to wait six weeks to get my hands on a copy but wow, was it worth the wait. Have you made anything from it yet? I can highly recommend the banana, chocolate and ginger bread - delish!

Amy said...

I saw your comment on Soulemama's blog. Left one myself. Your blog is great and am signing up to be a follower. Loved the book A Homemade Life, you should read In Praise of Stay-At-Home moms. Another great book. Have a good day!

Heather of the EO said...

And YOU are such a delight to read.