Friday, May 8, 2009

Doing our own thing, together

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"It's froggy outside," Max said with a yawn. He was sitting on our couch, looking out toward the valley with his eyes scrunched up, as if he could cut through the gray mist simply by squinting. "Maybe we better stay inside for awhile."

Curtains of fog hung heavy in front of our house yesterday, contrasted only by a darkening sky. Rain was coming. The air smelled of it. My right knee, broken at age eight while jumping on a neighbor's bed, was aching as it does whenever a storm is brewing. With days of warm sun and hours upon hours of outdoor play and exploration behind us, I was content to let the sky open up and begin dumping the first warm showers of the season.

It was a morning of moving slowly. I sipped tea and fussed with my sewing machine. Max stayed on the couch, resting with books and filling his blankie in on any and all adventures "he" may have missed earlier in the week. There was the many bird hikes (and bikes), with swamp discoveries.

There was the noise Lizzie made when she tried out the swing. (A Terodactyl noise. A very loud Terodactyl).

There was the great army battle (more on this another day).

Meanwhile, Elizabeth found her way out the front door. She sat for a long time, waiting for the rain to stop. Or maybe, just soaking in the very sight of water hitting earth, of the damp smells and warm breeze.

And by afternoon, the sun returned, bringing with it new energy to go foraging for leeks,

to play tag,

to work the flower beds,

to curl up on the porch and read the last (sigh) Percy Jackson book.

Everyone found a rhythm to get lost in on their own, but together. The best kind of day.

Happy Weekend. And PS-- come on over to Cluck and Tweet, where we've gone all Typepad fancy. Lots of crafting and cooking and funny business going on there. Really.


Heather said...

That last was exactly what my middle child did as it came in the mail today. She thenproceeded to curl up on my bed in the sun llike a cat and read to her hearts content--she even beat me to it.

Kathleen said...

I absolutely love the picture of your daughter's hand climbing on the blue bench (chair?), love the contrast of the pink and blue and totally reminding me of my climbing 11 month old.

Joy said...

those are some of my favorite times, when everyone is doing there own things, peacefully enjoying the presence of the others. Your Elizabeth is a doll, by the way.

Brooke G. said...

Funny, we often discribe Dylan's form of comminicating as Pterydactol screeches. Ahh... my ear drums may never be the same :) He usually does this when brother takes away a toy. I am missing the days when he would simply blink and wander over for another one. On the bright side, he is learning to stick up for himself. :) I am really enjoying your blog and the photos are breath-taking!!

Brooke G. said...

ps- please ignore the typos - I had to type that and fend off the kids at the same time.

Beck said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! I love this time of year.

Sus said...

rain pounding down is one of the things i love to watch my kids watch. it's as lovely as watching them watch the sound of music, knowing that sound and that song will stay with them forever. (oh dear, i'm tearing up, kate.)

*tiffany* said...

Your blogs always make me feel so are such a lovely writer and photographer!!! What a beautiful family!