Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year! Cough, sniffle, snort....

Happy New Year!

Here's a picture of a flying squirrel, known to my children as "Bulgar" (as in the wheat, and I have NO clue how it relates to our fuzzy friend) to celebrate the entrance of 2009.

That makes no sense, I know. I should be posting about my resolution (to live. simply.) or about Lizzie getting five teeth at once, or about that pesky plastic Jesus story I've been promising forever.

But (cough, sniffle) we're sick. We've been sick for almost a month. straight. And I whined, er, wrote, about it here:

lots of love, and hopes of returning soon.

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Astarte said...


Oh, I hope you feel better soon. Josie and I had a coughing thing for weeks earlier in the season, and now poor Patrick has it. His little body has so much phlegm, and I feel so sorry for him!