Monday, January 19, 2009

Crafting while we wait for the whole world to change (in less than 24 hours!)

Okay, just look what my Max made for a friend who is having a baby:

I mean, can you get any cuter?

My craft-driven resolutions are actually producing things. Okay. One thing.

But still.

I’m feeling very ants-in-my-pants today, awaiting the big, big, big day tomorrow. This morning, we gathered around my computer and listened to MLK’s famous speech on the steps of the Lincoln Monument.

The night before, Noah and I talked about Dr. King and the power of his actions, his words, his dreams. We talked about how Noah sat on the floor of the Lincoln Memorial two years ago, how at seven he had been awe struck by the writing etched into the walls.

“You whispered, ‘This was a great man, mama. I hope other great men have come here to see this,’” I told him.

He smiled, and nodded, as I went on to connect the dots.

I’m honestly too excited to say much more. We’ll be gathering at my mom’s tomorrow at noon (darn that no tv thing!) to watch history in the making. Noah will be home from school, and will no doubt sit beside me, holding my hand and saying something wonderful about change and hope and great men and their words.

2009, it is a wonderful year for beginnings.

Oh, and speaking of beginnings (nice segue, no?) I wrote about the beginning of my parenting resolutions for the year over here. And I mention Yetis, Luke Skywalker, and snowshoes, and if that isn’t a reason to read, I don’t know what is. Come visit. And comment, just because you are great like that.

I’ll be back tomorrow, celebrating. Big time.


Woman in a Window said...

To think he was sitting there two years ago. Warms the heart, it does.

Joy said...

It looks like we're getting a snow day so my kids will be thrilled to sit around watching as well. To change!

castaway said...

Waiting with you ... and apparently most of the world ... a new day for America ... and, yes, Max is cute ... thanks for sharing.

*tiffany* said...

The things Max says and does always make me tear up when I read your blogs! I hope I have such a historically and politically aware child someday!!!

Sus said...

This makes me want to take my kids to DC instead of Disney this spring. Seriously, Noah SAID THAT? The kid is amazing. He's going to do something with his life, Kate: how cool is that to think about??

Cute Baby Bags said...

We actually are taking our son to DC this summer. I wish we could've gone to the inauguration, but it just didn't work out. He's still a little young to understand the significance (only 2 years old), but I think it's important. When he's older, hopefully he'll appreciate that he was there after a big change in our country!