Tuesday, July 21, 2009

in this moment:: weekend eight (or nine...I've been slacking)

In this moment::

I am:: spending a lot of time in our rocking chair.

I am:: trying to soak up the simple pleasures of summer, like reading outside in a warm breeze

and taking time to notice the beauty of bubbles that climb the stems of pansies in glass

and watching my children watch the rain come down.

I am:: all about the mini dress. Because, well, just look!

I am:: grateful for the abilities Noah and Max and Lizzie have for reminding me how to play.

I am:: amazed that it is almost August.

I keep coming back to this awareness or understanding or prayer, this knowing of life gliding by so quickly. Because of that, we must be willing to stop and notice-- no, more than notice-- to stop and breath deeply and appreciate the simple and lovely, like the dance of wind on a blade of grass.


Playground Observer said...

I love that rocking chair, the color is a perfect summer blue!

Beck said...

Summery perfection.
I keep waiting for summer to START here - we're having the wettest, coldest summer on record. GRAND.

Sara said...

So nice. I read and posted a review of Grayson on my blog (sara-sundries.blogspot.com). Great book!

gardenmama said...

what beautiful photos and words you have shared, so very true to take time in noticing...

Sus said...

Kate: GORGEOUS photography. Especially that last one.

And if you ever find shorty dresses and polka-dotted tights in adult sizes, buy me one and i'll pay you back. :)

frannie starts back at school TWO WEEKS from today. holy moly.

Zip n Tizzy said...

Oh how you've summed it up.