Thursday, March 19, 2009

On Justin, for a change

Most of the time I sit down at my computer to write here, I’m buzzing with words about what funny thing Max said or how Lizzie just looks at me and giggles for no reason, or how Noah seems so suddenly grown. Tonight, though, as I sit in front of what may be the last fire of the season, I realize the only person I want to talk about is Justin.

My husband turned 39 today. As we sat side-by-side and had lunch today, I took a rare moment to just watch him. He was staring out the window, sighing in that big thought kind of way.

“Birthdays,” he said with a frown, “only remind us we’re getting older.”

This is true. I nodded and hugged him and said something cheesy, some cliché about him being like fine wine. And I went back to lunch and laundry.

Parenting is a funny thing. It is, in so many ways, the most intimate act two people can entwine themselves together to perform. Intimate, but also exhausting. Exhausting and weighted and worrisome and wonderful—and simply busy enough to make even the best of us (and I am by no means in that category) forget to stop and just look at our partners. To sit and just breathe alongside them and take five minutes out of our day to say thank you or I appreciate you or anything else that validates what they do to make us, well, us.

Thinking about the father Justin is always brings a deep sense of gratitude for me. He’s the kind of guy that can spend hours building sand castles or playing Legos or pick up soccer in the backyard.

He’s the kind of guy who would rather start an out west ski tradition with his eldest son rather than with his buddies.

And on such a trip, he's also the guy who suggests his son take the camera and get a picture of this:

(and a year later, his son is still laughing about it).

He’s the kind of guy who takes one look at his daughter’s toothy grin and just melts.

It’s a gift my children don’t even realize they are getting, because he just IS present when he’s with them.

I love that about this man.

And I love this too:

It is so true, that at some point, birthdays just remind us we are getting older. But maybe that’s okay, when we’re living and creating and being part such a central part of something as simple and profound as a family.

Happy, happy birthday J.

And speaking of birthdays, I am so very excited to announce the hatch of the new weblog Cluck and Tweet. It is a great one-stop gaggle of fun where you'll find everything from crafting and traveling with the kidlets to recipes and talk about, well, the breeding grounds of life. Please, please come over and check us out-- and say hello-- because my friend Alison is offering up the coolest necklace giveaway, and I just want one of my peeps to win it!

Lots to celebrate-- over on, I'm celebrating the return of spring-- and because of, I'm celebrating the fact that I can write off my lattes. So basically, I'm trying to be all over the web, and all up to no good. Hope you are having sunshine and above zero temperatures too...


Woman in a Window said...

Happy Birthday to your dear husband. What a lucky bunch you all are.

Playground Observer said...

Thanks for a wonderful post, and happy birthday to your husband!

I will stop by cluck and tweet now, thanks for keeping up updated on your whereabouts!

FranIAm said...

Hi Kate! What a beautiful blog you have here. Thanks for stopping by my place earlier... glad to meet you!

The way you write about your husband, parenting and life is most inspiring.

Happy Birthday to Justin and happiness to you all.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your husband, what a sweet post! thanks for linking me over, I'm enjoying your blog!

Love Squalor said...

happy birthday to your man! and thanks for stopping by my corner of the web - so glad to find your blog! you take such beautiful pictures!

craftymama said...

that is a really lovely post. you are lucky your man doesn't mind being in your blog- mine hates it! i wish i could tell the world about him as you have about your man, and as eloquently. and i LOVE the squirrel picture!!

Elissa said...

oh, i love this! so true in such a universal way, in spite of its being aimed at your hubby.

nicola said...

happy birthday, J. that was a beautiful post. i love your photo coloring. thanks for visiting my blog.

Astarte said...

This is a beautiful post, and i think I might have a little crush on your husband now. You're a lucky girl!

Launi said...

You are both very lucky to have each other. I'm sensing that you know that. You sound wonderful and happy. Such a gift.

Sus said...

hey, how did I miss this wonderful post about Justin? you two have got to be the bestest couple north of the mason dixon. happy very very belated birthday to your studly and present husband.